Oestrogens are very important to maintain bone strength. We all have bone changes with age but these changes happen much quicker after menopause in women because of the decline in oestrogen.
This can result in osteoporosis or brittle bones, a condition in which any small injury can result in a fracture.
For many women this does not seem to be worrying and certainly does not appear to be as scary as cancer.
Unfortunately osteoporosis is a very debilitating disease. Reaching older age having good bones makes a huge difference in your quality of life.
It can make the difference between staying at home or requiring assisted accommodation.
It can limit your ability to travel and enjoy our life.
About 30 per cent of patients die after a major fracture.
There are many ways to improve your bones strength including HRT.
Make sure you include a bone discussion in your health plan.
for more info visit the irish osteoporosis website: