Vaginal laser is a new treatment that has completely revolutionised the way we treat vaginal atrophy.

Chronic vaginal dryness and pain at intercourse is a very common problem in menopause. It is the result of the lack of oestrogens which causes changes in the vaginal mucosa. These changes are reversible using oestrogens (HRT) but not all patients want to use them and some patients might have reached the stage at which oestrogens are not just enough.

Using laser to treat this problem in the vagina is a safe way to turn the clock back and make patients comfortable very quickly.

There are two main types of laser: Co2 laser and Er:Yag laser.

Co2 laser cause some mucosa destruction in order to cause regeneration. There have been some concerns with this treatments in relation to scarring and pain.

The non ablative technology used with Er:Yag laser is very different as it uses a lighter thermal action and it has not been associated with any problems.

We have used this treatment with success and have been very impressed with the changes that this makes for patients.